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Acts, Regulations & Reports

Powers of NAMAF is contained in section 12 and provides thus:

For the purposes of achieving its objects, the Association may
  1. Consider any matter affecting medical aid funds or the members of such funds and make representations or take such action in connection therewith as the Association may deem advisable;
  2. Purchase, hire or otherwise acquire any property, whether movable or immovable, keep or sell or let or hypothecate or otherwise dispose of, or deal in any other manner with property acquired by it; (c) determine the subscription payable by registered funds to the Association;
  3. Raise or borrow money on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon;
  4. Accept donations and receive moneys offered or due to it;
  5. Apply its funds to the establishment of a reserve fund, or invest at its discretion any funds not immediately required for its affairs;
  6. Appoint an executive officer for the performance of the functions of the Association and other employees and determine their duties and conditions of service;
  7. Conclude any agreement with any person for the rendering of any particular services;
  8. Determine the allowances which may be paid to the members of the management when engaged in the affairs of the Association;
  9. Arrange with any insurer for the provision of insurance cover for the members of the management and for the said executive officer and employees, in respect of bodily injury, disability or death resulting solely and directly from an accident occurring in the course of the performance of their duties;
  10. Pay the expenses incurred in connection with its administration, and may generally, do anything that is conducive to the achievement of its objects and the exercise of its powers, whether or not it relates to any matter expressly mentioned in this section.